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00Floor is a tile in Chip's Challenge that appears as a bug pointing north on top of a solid white background and acts as a wall. Some levels have received these tiles via a fault in ChipEdit such as Glitched to Death (TCCLP level 150), or have been intentionally placed in levels such as Parallel Dimension (TCCLP level 324).

The tile is so named because ChipEdit names the tile 00 FLOOR. There are two ways to insert it into a level.

  • To insert it in ChipEdit, open ChipEdit.ini and make sure it is saved as "PIECE=112" and it will be set as the default editing tile the next time ChipEdit is run. It is also possible to insert other glitched tiles (such as "03 Water") using the same method.
  • To insert it in Chip's Challenge Level Designer, open an existing level that contains that tile. Then hold Alt and click the tile in order to set the tile as the current editing tile. Now open the desired level, and it can be placed anywhere.

In Chip's Workshop, levels with these tiles cannot be opened. In CCEdit, it displays the tile's name as the path of the level set that is open and it will display a normal floor. In Chip's Challenge Level Designer, it is named Bug - N (OR).

In a normal tile set, this tile occupies the 112th index. Chip's Challenge uses the tiles in indexes 112 through 159 as the OR overlay buffers for the respective tiles in indexes 64 through 111.