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Acting dirt is a tile which is an acting wall to blocks and monsters, but not to Chip, and which disappears when Chip touches it. In other words, it functions exactly like a dirt space.

The concept of acting dirt is much simpler than the acting wall, as fewer tiles are not acting walls to Chip only. Most acting dirt functions only in specific situations.

MS acting dirt[]

  • Lock, when Chip has the correct key.
  • Socket, when Chip has all the required computer chips.
  • A computer chip. This is the only acting dirt space which requires no conditions.

Additional Lynx acting dirt[]

Similar tiles to acting dirt[]

  • Although all other conditions apply, the thief and the exit (in Lynx only) do not disappear when touched by Chip, so they are not classified as acting dirt.
  • The block is only movable by Chip, but since it moves rather than disappears, it cannot be strictly defined as acting dirt.

Special cases[]

  • The blue wall is a crossroads between an acting wall and an acting dirt. It is technically a wall even when fake, but it otherwise displays all characteristics of acting dirt. The definition of acting wall excludes wall tiles, so it is classified as an in-between tile.

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