Chip's Challenge Wiki

Acting floor in Chip's Challenge is divided into two categories: unconditional acting floor allows all three types of objects to pass over them as if they were floor tiles. The term is also used like acting dirt and acting wall to refer to a tile which neither affects nor is affected in any way by the object touching it (unlike acting dirt).

The acting floor is the narrowest of the three acting tiles, with few changes from MS to Lynx and very specific conditions for each tile.

Unconditional acting floor[]

Conditional acting floor[]

Some tiles will allow only certain objects through, even though they may not be affected by the object itself. Each category will also include all unconditional acting floor.

Chip-acting floor[]

Monster-acting floor[]

Block-acting floor[]

  • All keys in MS, but only the red key in Lynx
  • Gravel
  • All boots (in MS only)
  • Fire
  • Exit (in MS only)

Tiles that change momentum[]

Unreleased traps, ice, teleports and force floors are not affected by any object running onto them, but because they change the object's momentum, they are not acting floor.