After the Rainstorm is the 112th level in Chip's Challenge Level Pack 2. Noticably, After the Rainstorm is harder than many water levels because Chip must often do things in a specific order or use some flippers to maneuver the blocks. This is one of Eric Schmidt's classic levels.

Move the six blocks in the start down over three water spaces, then build one D and one L without touching the two dirt spaces, and take the last block down and around to the sixth water. The fourth dirt contains a thin wall to the north, which will trap Chip if the lower water is not removed first, and prevents him from continuing the bridge down. Therefore, he must collect the seventh block to the left, stick it in, and then finish the bridge. Chip can now take the flippers.

In this area, Chip must unjam the blocks and then build around the puddle to reach the bottom of the river. Move each block out of the way, then remove one water and knock the lower block L and then approach it from the right side, which will push down another block in the process. Chip now has two waters removed; he no longer needs to build down because he has flippers. Therefore, skip to the very bottom, then build three more water spaces down, and finish with the bomb. Now, Chip can take the three chips.

The next section is a simple progressive wedge: knock blocks 1 and 4 out, which moves block 2 out to form the next wedge. In the third section, a force floor is under block 1; when Chip moves block 2 U, it will kill him if he tries to move RU immediately. The way to avoid this, which escapes many lesser players and leaves them baffled incessantly, is to use the ram by moving -U, which fixes the block in place. (The Mouse Panel Glitch is usable for this purpose, and will add one move but not more points.)

Now, Chip can move block 1 2U 3L, out for upcoming use. Teleport south and remove the socket to the west first, then use the block, go back around to the west and use the rammed block to reach the force floors. Here, slide and move L >[L 3U R] R 2U >[L 5U R] R to get around to the very east side. Knock blocks 3 and 4 D, then move LU and pull this block west, east and into the teleport. Negotiate the force floors again and bridge to the bottom, which will connect with the other block to take Chip to the exit area. Off the thief, Chip should move R 5D to uncover it.


  • This level inspired two prequels based on its layout but constructed by other designers: Before the Rainstorm by John Lewis (level 50 in JL1) and During the Rainstorm by Dave Varberg (level 80 in geodave2).


CCLP2 level 112 solution - 144 seconds

CCLP2 level 112 solution - 144 seconds

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