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BigOto2 (Real name Trevor) is notable for being the first Chipster to LP Chip's Challenge Level Pack 3 from start to finish. He completed an LP of KTNUSA in summer of 2011 and finished JoshL2 in 2012.

Levels in official packs[]




Trevor's humour involves using sound clips while playing. One of his running gags is use of the "Lying Sack Of Crap" song when addressing a lie someone told, or other sound effects to add to the humor of situations in his videos. He also provides visual animations to display the storyline in some of his videos; for example, he included a video of a Kerbal Space Program rocket launch between the levels where Chip goes to space in CCLP1.


  • Trevor is majoring in Aerospace Engineering and has a strong interest in robotics. Because of this he is now less active in the community but the CC games are still one of his childhood favorites.
  • Trevor was once working on a new level set to follow "BigOto Returns" or "BigOto7". Whether or not this will ever be finished is currently unknown especially since he now finds CC2 much more interesting.
  • Trevor enjoys the occasional Kerbal Space Program session.
  • Trevor used to create custom tracks on Mario Kart Wii using various modding tools. One of these custom tracks, Halogen Highway, has two references to Chip's Challenge in it. One of them is in the red section of the city after the long straight, where an animated sign shows a "BBQRage" scene from an episode of JoshL2. The other reference is in the green crystal cave after the first turn, where the electric schematic pattern seen in the background of the MSCC window is altered so that it appears overlayed onto the asphalt road.
  • Trevor used to make powerpoint games called, "The Unsolvable Quiz"