Blobdance is the 133rd level in Chip's Challenge 1. Unlike Blobnet, in which patient players could snatch away chips from many a safe location, Blobdance will annoy, infuriate, and drive insane Chipsters of any level, as more risky maneuvers are required, and less safe spots are available. However, it is somewhat easier to optimize because each room is a wide open space that still retains some gravel from Blobnet. Furthermore, Blobdance is easier to simply complete because there is no time limit.

As with Blobnet, watch for opportunities to walk through open spaces with no risk, or on the conditions that a blob were to move in a specific direction, while still allowing an "out" if it doesn't. Note that the rooms get progressively tougher as Chip moves along; the last chip room, with seven blobs, is difficult even though it's pretty big. And remember, be patient.

Special dispatch from Melinda

Dear Chip, Yes, I returned to my genetic engineering even after having sworn it off. Once again things have gotten out of control. I wouldn't ask anyone but you, Chip, to go in there. There is no time limit for this level, so learn from your mistakes and have patience and perseverance. Loyally, Melinda.


Chip's Challenge 1 level 133 solution - 947 seconds

Chip's Challenge 1 level 133 solution - 947 seconds

  • This AVI shows the old record of 947 in the process of being set by Mike L.. There are many risks throughout most fast routes, and no two routes will likely be alike. Depending on the positions of the blobs, use spring steps, collect the computer chips on moving blob turns, tend to avoid situations where a blob move could cause Chip to be possibly blocked both ways, and if this situation does result, wait [1 1/2], rather than merely [1/2], and then spring step if the route does not call for gambling.
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