Block Away! is the 21st level in Chip's Challenge Level Pack 2. This level has nine possible incidences of the Transparency Glitch and a final section that can only be described as inscrutable, in the typical Dave Borgman deceptive style; Chip must pick his way through a mound of locks, most of which have traps under them. Without a level editor, it is extremely difficult, and places this level far beyond its neighbors on the difficulty scale.

Fortunately, the chips are easy work: take the chips from the top, then zigzag up and down and move block 1 onto the green button, then take the last column and then wipe out the last six chips in the sliding blocks above without waiting a single turn. Now, enter the left socket, move >RLR R to one key, L >LRL and D 3R U to another red key, then L >LR RL >L and escape south to the tanks. The yellow key in the telenet is not required because the two yellow keys in the tank section can be reached quicker.

Take keys 1, 2, 4, 3 and 5 in order, waiting [1] for the last tank to avoid the Transparency Glitch. Finish by opening the socket to the furthest south and walk specifically 7L U 2L D to reach the exit.

Because many of the safe locks are in a row, and the safe path is very close to where Chip approaches the pyramid, many players will stumble on the 7L path within a few tries, and after attempting 8L, will often reach the exit next. If the correct path had been anywhere from the middle to the top of the pyramid, Block Away! would have easily earned a 5 difficulty rating.


CCLP2 level 21 solution - 264 seconds

CCLP2 level 21 solution - 264 seconds

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