Block Factory is the 63rd level in Chip's Challenge 1. This level is not a very difficult solve, but precise timing is required in several places.

U 3R 5U L is the simplest starting route; U 2R UR 4U L is quicker by [1/2], but ends with no spring slide and has more moves at 10 m/s. The final L move clones some blocks; build a bridge all the way to the right on row 2 to collect two chips. It is now possible to grab all the remaining chips but one from the force floor side; sneak below the block factory into a new area and approach the red button.

Exact timing is necessary in this area to score 477; there are two possible solutions to this area. The official solution is to step 2D over the red button and wait [1/2] to avoid a ram, then step D 3U at 10 m/s; this is official because the sliding block marks the [1/2] wait and because such wait now allows Chip to spring slide north off the ice, when it is not generally possible to do so. The exit and its path is visible from the chip.

It is also possible to spring step over the red button and then not have to wait for the block, as Chip will slide before the block in move order (and similarly due to the boosting, pick the block up on the way back north), but both paths lose no time in this section.

Easter eggs

  • Block Factory is signed PW in the southwest corner by its designer Pete Wierzbicki.


Chip's Challenge 1 level 63 solution - 477 seconds

Chip's Challenge 1 level 63 solution - 477 seconds

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