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A blue wall (closer to a teal-blue hue in the MS version of CC1 despite its official name) is a tile that can take on one of two indistinguishable possibilities:

  • Fake blue walls, which act as dirt: Chip will turn it into floor when he attempts to step through it, but while it exists, Chip cannot push blocks over them and monsters cannot pass them.
  • Real blue walls, which turn gray when Chip pushes on them, identifying them as walls.

The only way to find out whether a blue wall is fake or real is to attempt to step through it, or, of course, to look in a level editor or at a map. All level editors feature an option to either hide the identity of all blue walls, or to show them as what they actually are; in CCEdit and CCLD, when the option is turned on, fake blue walls are shown as translucent teal squares while real blue walls are shown as wall tiles tinted with a teal hue. By contrast, ChipEdit's "Show Blue Walls" option displays all blue walls as outright wall or floor, which makes a level more difficult to play when blue walls interact with monsters or blocks, but makes blue wall mazes such as Mishmesh, Chipmine and How Goes? much easier to read.

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