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The bomb is a tile in Chip's Challenge that destroys anything that steps on it, including Chip. If Chip hits a bomb (one that is not underneath anything other than a block; see Non-Existence Glitch), he will die with the resulting Death Message of Ooops! Don't touch the bombs!. If anything else steps on the bomb, both the object and the bomb will disappear.

Bombs are commonly cleared with a block or a monster, and often the monsters will be specifically directed into the bombs with blocks, dirt, toggle walls, other monsters, or Chip in the case of teeth.


  • When first started, Chip's Challenge has no sound available when a bomb explodes. To add one, place a link to any .wav file in your entpack.ini for Chip's Challenge. The sound for the bomb is very valuable in play, as frequently Chip is unable to see the bombs being exploded, and would have no indication of when they have exploded without taking extra time to look at them. Cases where this will be important in the official sets are Kablam, Suicide, Cra-zy, Glider and Fire, and Cloner's Maze.