Chip's Challenge Wiki

A button is any of four small, circular tiles which perform four different mechanical functions. The four buttons are the red button, blue button, green button and brown button, with the color code denoting their function. (In black and white mode, there is a symbol on the bottom right of them denoting their function)

When a button is pressed by any object, a clicking noise occurs, except in the case of the quiet green button. In Tile World Lynx mode, the green button also makes the clicking noise. Frequently, this clicking noise is helpful as feedback to Chip, who may be unable to see the button itself.

Red buttons activate clone machines (denoted by + in B&W), blue buttons move tanks (denoted by a circular arrow in B&W), green buttons switch toggle walls (denoted by a dotted square around it in B&W), and brown buttons release traps (denoted by a T in B&W). The only exceptions are if more than one green or blue button is hit within the same turn; all pairs will cancel each other out, leaving either 1 or 0 buttons hit - and in the case of the Button Smash Glitch, which allows a block flicked directly onto a button to not activate it. Brown buttons hit this way will still release objects that are trapped after the button is hit.

For other glitches occurring with buttons, see Glitch.


  • As sometimes button presses are a hazard to Chip, there is the occasional level or level section based on avoiding a specific button color in the vast level library.