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CCEdit is the third Chip's Challenge level editor, created by Michael Hansen. It is contained in a package called CCTools, which also includes CCLM and CCHack.

New features with the use of CCEdit[]

  • Tile World compatibility: Levels can be constructed with either Tile World or MS tiles and can be played in both versions; a DAC file can be made to allow Chip to play the set in Tile World.
  • Pathmaker: This allows the editor to draw out paths of directional objects, namely monsters, ice, force floors, Chip himself, and even clone blocks, automatically; when the cursor takes a turn in a different direction, the last tile created will turn in the new direction. This will avoid the user having to manually return to the corners and change their direction.
  • Colored connections and connection list: Any connections of clone machines and traps are now recorded on a list, and their complement is indicated when the cursor moves onto their button(s) or their target(s) by a red (clone) or purple (trap) border around the target square. Links between teleports are displayed with a teal border around the next teleport in reading order (even if that move would be illegal in live play).
  • Improved lower layer visibility: In ChipEdit, blocks, dirt, clone machines, and thin walls under the floor are impossible to see without actually putting the cursor on the square, and traps and recessed walls under floor are indistinguishable. The Tile World and MS graphics are in much greater relief, which makes all these visible, and other hidden combinations much clearer. Also, some monsters' directions are unclear in ChipEdit, without actually looking on the square; in CCEdit, an ambiguous direction is clarified with a black arrow similar to that on clone blocks. Some images on this wiki are cut out of level editors, rather than out of maps, and have this black arrow included.
  • Sorted tile groups: The tiles are divided into six folders for additional space.
  • Easy-access properties: The level name, password, time limit, hint text, and computer chip counter can be edited and viewed easier, without diving into the menus. Also added is a Count feature, which automatically sets the chips left counter to the number of chips existing (note that this includes all chips, including ones on clone machines and other trapped chips.) An "available" counter was added later into ChipEdit, although there was no automatic setting feature.
  • Recent files: The latest four selections are in the File menu, for added convenience.
  • Advanced menu: This allows people to use advanced coding in their levels, such as (x,32) clone machine connections. People should use this menu at their own risk.

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