Chip's Challenge Wiki

CCHack is a program by TranslucentDragon (Michael Hansen). It allows for alterations to be made to MSCC's resources such as the music, sound effects, graphics, and text boxes that appear. It is part of collection of Chip's Challenge programs called CCTools.


  • Save/load/apply "patch files" that are stored sets of changes for the EXE file for others to use
  • No need to distribute (illegal) copies of the EXE file, as the patch files mentioned above should take care of any necessity to do so
  • Customization of all text in the game, plus some of the dialog and menu text, the graphics, and the sound effects.
  • Create multiple copies of CHIPS.EXE each reading from a different CHIPS.DAT file and writing to a different ENTPACK.INI file, which makes playing custom level sets much easier, similar to MyChips.