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Information about Chip's Challenge Level Pack 3, like many anticipated releases in the modern world, has been officially leaked by the CCLP3 staff. The following data was released before the official release date:

  1. CCLP3 will feature levels from 36 different designers, more than twice as many as were represented in CCLP2.
  2. There will be two numbered level series within CCLP3, just as with Block Buster II and Checkerboard II in the first two LPs. But unlike CCLP2 and like CC1, the first level in each series won't have the Roman numeral "I" attached to it.
  3. Four level designers hold the unique distinction of having levels in both CCLP2 and CCLP3.
  4. There are 28 blobs and 60 walkers in the entire set.
  5. One particular level was renamed from its original title to the four-letter password that accompanied it in its original set.
  6. Eight levels are based on, or inspired by, games other than Chip's Challenge.
  7. The famous Rink slot (level 61) not only fits the Decade Message from level 60, but its title also fits the "thrash-a-thon!"
  8. Level 121 will have teeth (at the request of Chipster Jacques Smith).
  9. Some confirmed level titles are Every Trick in the Book, Red, Green and Blue, Slide Show, Clear the Way and Vulcan.
  10. Unlike CCLP2, CCLP3's highest-voted fun level is one of its easiest.

After the set was released, the levels and designers mentioned were discovered:-

  1. The designers are listed in the main CCLP3 article.
  2. The two series are: Replay (2 levels) and Jumble (3 levels).
  3. These four designers are: Tyrethali Ansrath, Mike Lask, Rolf Redford and Eric Schmidt
  4. Many of the blobs and walkers are cosmetic (e.g., several can be found in Sardines). Out of the three official level packs, CCLP3 has the least number of blobs and the second-most number of walkers (more than CCLP2, but less than CC1).
  5. This level was Pot Pie Pourri from CheeseT1.dat, which had the password OHHO. It was named Oh-Ho! in the set itself.
  6. These levels are: Snakes and Ladders, Super Chip (Mario), Pac Man, Get a Clue (Cluedo), Bowling, Checkers, Billiards and Olly Olly Oxen (Hide and Seek).
  7. This level is Bump and Run. Other levels that were placed so as to fit decade messages are: Dancing on Ice, Possible and Mental Blocks.
  8. This level is Jaywalker, and has 10 teeth.
  9. The original level titles were: Take a Walk, Frustration, Block Puzzle, Reversi II and A Cloning Level.
  10. This level is Spiral.