Caves is the 105th level in Chip's Challenge Level Pack 3. It was created by Gavin Duncan.

187 route: Push block 1 2R, block 2 4R, block 3 2R, block 4 3R, then use block 5 to explode a bomb. Push block 4 L to send the glider to the left, then explode a bomb. Move block 3 to 2L of the force floor. Now push block 2 L to send both gliders to the left, then move block 2 to 2L of block 3. Use block 3 to explode a bomb, wait for both gliders to enter the room, then push block 2 L to send them back. Then push block 2 to 2L of the force floor. Wait immediately above block 1 for the gliders to pass through (to the right), then push block 1 2R, wait for the fireballs to be deflected (so they will circle round this room and then go to the start). Push the block to the bottom-right corner of room 3, wait for the fireballs to bounce off and be deflected back to the start, then push block 1 to 2L of block 2, explode a bomb with block 2, then push block 1 L to send the gliders back. Now explode the final bomb and exit.

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