Chchchips is the 26th level in Chip's Challenge 1. This level contains one hundred and seventy chips, which leads to its title, and importantly introduces the paramecium, which patrols the chips in the middle of the level. The paramecium is following the chips, which make it rather difficult to snatch the chips. The way to do this, and in similar situations as well, is to wait for the paramecium to be one space diagonally from Chip, following against the item that Chip wants to collect, or in some cases a block Chip wishes to move; since involuntary monsters are before involuntary Chip in move order, it moves another space towards Chip while the item is taken, leaving the monster in a circle.

Also, the lower left of the level houses a trapped pink ball that will eventually be released with the collection of its chip, to begin cloning teeth. The simplest method is to leave this chip until towards the end, but it can be taken in normal play with carefully considered conditions, as teeth suffer from the Controller and Boss Glitch: they are slow to clone and can sometimes block each other from cloning, magnified by the pink ball boss' exclusively horizontal movement. With enough chips taken out of the main room, Chip can lose the cloning teeth in the east of the level and underneath the overhang spanning two columns west of the clone machine, such that they do not chase Chip until he returns to the beginning to exit safely.

The fastest route through this level is a general anti-clockwise route, collecting the lower half of the central chip section before collecting the chips near the pink ball (allowing the ball to press the red button), then going along the bottom to the circular maze. Play in even step and collect one chip only from the short path, before collecting the long path and the remainder of the short path. Collect the chips in the top right, then the remainder of the central chips, then the chips at the top.

Special dispatch from Melinda

Dear Chip, I stutter with excitement when I think of the 170 chips I left in this area! Timing is important. You'll no doubt run across, or be run over by, my pet paramecium. He's been all alone in the lab for too long. You'll have to move fast to snatch the last chip away from him. I expect you might be trampled a few times, but believe me, Chip, it can be done! Apologetically, Melinda


Chip's Challenge 1 level 26 solution - 254 seconds

Chip's Challenge 1 level 26 solution - 254 seconds

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