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Chip's Challenge Blob Edition, also known as CC1 Blob Edition or CC1 Blobs, is a levelset created by Josh Lee.

The set originally was a version of the original set, but with every monster replaced with a blob.  Some changes were later made, such as adding a blob in monster-less levels like LESSON 1, SOUTHPOLE and SPECIAL, removing many time limits, adding gravel in REVERSE ALLEY, reducing the number of chips required in COLONY, placing force floors in ICEDEATH, making all walls visible in STRIPES? and other things.  Thanks to... was entirely redesigned, thanking "Josh L., Blobs, Rockdet and Blah Blah", and the hint notes, "Blobs!  Blobs EVERYWHERE!!"

The set is solvable in both Lynx and MS, but it is significantly more difficult in Lynx due to blobs' and other monsters' ability to erase blue keys.

On CCZone, an award is given to anyone who can complete all 149 levels.  As of April 2014, the award has only been claimed by four individuals: by Josh himself, Eddy Limb, Miika Toukola and Jeffrey Bardon.