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Chip's Challenge Level Manager, commonly abbreviated to CCLM, is a program that comes with CCTools by Michael Hansen. It is a program that allows level sets to be easily opened and played.


  • Introduction of new extension (.ccl) that existing .dat files can be renamed to, so they can be opened by a double-click in Windows (just change the .dat to .ccl).
  • Easy way to play multiple levelsets in MS Chip's Challenge or Tile World, without the risk of messing up other scores.
  • All MS CC scores are saved in the same file (C:\Windows\CCScore.ini) with different entries for easy management and retrieval of scores.
  • Properties dialog, showing  all sorts of useful information about the levelset, including bold times (If a .bold or .cci file is included)
  • Score information for individual levels can be viewed easily from "Score Data" tab.
  • Score information will also show if a bold time has been scored, provided a .cci or .bold file is with the levelset.
  • Use any of three editors (ChipEdit, CCEdit, Chip's Workshop) to edit the open levelset, with the click of a button.
  • Make new, customized EXEs (simple mode - for more advanced EXE customization, see the Customizer) specifically made for a specific levelset, so it can be played without launching the PLM.
  • Warp to the selected level when playing it or when editing it with CCEdit.
  • Automatically sets the last level, so that the Termination Glitch won't occur. 
  • In CCLM 2.0 alpha, there is a preview level function.
  • There is also a level solve function planned, but has not appeared in any releases.

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