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Chip's Challenge Level Pack 2, commonly called CCLP2, is the first official expansion pack (not sequel) for Chip's Challenge. It contains 149 more levels and was assembled by Anders Kaseorg and Dale Bryan, with the levels being taken from the many custom level sets available. It was released on February 9, 2002, and was followed by CCLP3 8 years later.


After Chip's Challenge 1 was released, its creator, Chuck Sommerville, sought to make a true sequel, known as Chip's Challenge 2 (CC2). The game was completed; however, due to copyright issues unveiled in 2002[citation needed], it was believed that it could never be released. (The game would finally see a release in May 2015.)

This set was effectively created as a 'replacement' for CC2 at the time, using CC1's engine and mechanics. Due to the complex circumstances surrounding it, CC2 and CCLP2 are often mistaken for each other.


Among all of Chip's Challenge's level packs, CCLP2 is above all known for its use of invalid tiles, often related to very crude cooks. For example, Block Away! uses a lock pyramid in front of the exit with only one safe path through it, which is complicated even further because one of the keys is not used in the correct path.

Solving similar puzzles such as Blocked Trap will reveal that the default for most CCLP2 invalid tile puzzles, and indeed any such puzzle in order to adhere to the "rule of 90/10", is that the resources given to Chip will hint as to the solution and that the first vestiges of the solution will hint as to the remainder of it. Discovering one safe lock in Blocked Trap will logically lead to a continuous trek north through all the remaining safe locks; such devices are the reasoning why, even with such devious puzzles, CCLP2 remains an easier set than CCLP3.[citation needed]

More common glitches such as the Controller and Boss Glitch are generally absent from CCLP2 except in the earliest custom level sets. However, at least two levels, Dangers of Fire and Beasts and Trapped, remain busted under this glitch, as they were developed before resources (including this wiki) on Chip's Challenge and its occasional coding flaws.


At the original CCZone, a poll out of 13 voters yielded a 3.85/5 star rating, placing CCLP2 as the least favorite official set to date. Its main improvement over CC1 was more diverse, less overly homogenous levels, with John Lewis praising its Sokoban levels for being "a bit more interesting than On the Rocks or Pain."

Frequent complaints included the use of invalid tiles, with Mike Lask thereby downgrading the levelset to a 4/5, and occasional advanced tricks such as After the Rainstorm and its ram that John branded as "just a bit mean for some players." Zero.prophet also observed that there are "many levels in CCLP2 that shouldn't have made the cut," which major CCLP3 staff and community leaders such as Tyler Sontag also agreed to. Rock Généreux, while in obvious assent with this reasoning, noted that the set contained only "10 really bad levels max" and should be respected for its "extremely good" compositions such as Cloner's Maze.

List of designers[]

Name Number of Levels
Tyrethali Ansrath 32
Dave Borgman 21
Dale Bryan 11
Paul Hobden 8
Anders Kaseorg 1
Mike Lask 2
Hank Lin 1
Luc Longpré 1
John Matthews 3
Anne Olsen 6
Anders Pemer 2
Rolf Redford 4
Eric Schmidt 28
Christian Ståhl 12
David Stanley 5
Drew Thomas 7
Kyle Wightman 3
Drake Wilson 2

List of CCLP2 levels, in chronological order[]

  1. A Fleeting Memory
  2. Naomi's Bug Collection
  3. Bea's Den
  4. Force World
  5. Suction Ride
  6. Fixing the Toggle Switch
  7. Slightly Mad
  8. Use the Fish
  9. Maze of One Way
  10. Who Needs a Flipper?
  11. Deconstruction
  12. Mazed In
  13. The Serial Port
  14. The Parallel Port
  15. Debug File
  16. Paw-Print Isle
  17. Double Trouble
  18. Elemental
  19. A Sample of Things to Come
  20. Ranger Denmark
  21. Block Away!
  22. How Goes?
  23. Traps I
  24. Sudden Death
  25. Race for the Chips
  26. Work Fast
  27. Frozen Floors
  28. Madness I
  29. Fire and Water
  30. Chase Race
  31. Well of Wishes
  32. Tele-Portion
  33. The Big Button Quest
  34. Cypher II
  35. Mirror
  36. Spy
  37. The Mystery of the Seven Chips
  38. Mads' Rush I
  39. Yike-O-Matic
  40. Traps II
  41. Ladder Needs a Wash
  42. Hmmm!
  43. Ray of Light
  44. Fun House Rink
  45. Breaking the Rules
  46. Hurry Up, Chip!
  47. Tele-Rooms
  48. And Then There Were... Four?
  49. Just a Minute!!
  50. Smorgasbord
  51. The Lake in Winter
  52. Oracle I
  53. Security Breach
  54. Killer Rooms
  55. Dangers of Fire and Beasts
  56. Planet of the Teeth
  57. Quad-Boot
  58. Reversi
  59. Lot of Danger
  60. Internal Clock
  61. Icy Moat
  62. Chips on the Blocks
  63. Jungle
  64. Loop Holes
  65. Beware of the Teeth!
  66. Hobgoblins and Chimera
  67. The One Sensible Chip
  68. Madness II
  69. So Many Chips!
  70. Killer Spiral
  71. Mads' Rush II
  72. Checkerboard I
  73. Bumble Boy
  74. Chip Search
  75. BuggyWall
  76. Fire Bugs
  77. Madd Maze
  78. The Search for the Exit
  79. Cra-zy
  80. Frost Swirl
  81. Just Enough
  82. The Block Stops Here
  83. Warehouse I
  84. Crypts of Aganorak
  85. Follow the Glacier Brick Road
  86. Creative One-Ways
  87. The Walker Machine
  88. Don't Get Lost
  89. The Ghetto Defender
  90. Marjolaine's Maze
  91. Tutti-Frutti
  92. Abandoned Mines
  93. Exit Chip
  94. Checkerboard II
  95. Learn
  96. Glider and Fire
  97. Roller Coaster
  98. Loop
  99. One-Block Sokoban
  100. Torch
  101. Hard as Rock
  102. Chip's Fight
  103. Island Hopping
  104. Pyramid
  105. Yet Another Puzzle
  106. Bounce
  107. Joyride I
  108. Tricks
  109. Blocked Trap
  110. It's a Kind of Magic
  111. Monster Factory
  112. After the Rainstorm
  113. Oorto Geld II
  114. Joyride II
  115. Counter Clockwise
  116. Turn Turn Turn
  117. CircleMaze
  118. High Security
  119. Teeth
  120. Frost Rings
  121. Flame Boy
  122. Warehouse II
  123. BlockSlide
  124. Paramecia
  125. Blocks 'n Bombs
  126. Dodge!
  127. Escape from Chipkatraz
  128. Fantasy Island
  129. Miscellaneous
  130. Frozen Birdbath
  131. Time Bomb
  132. Captured
  133. Block Maze
  134. Microcosm
  135. Zartacla
  136. Switch Hit
  137. Iron Mysticus
  138. Patrolled
  139. Frostbite
  140. Keep Trying
  141. Oracle II
  142. Chomper Romp
  143. Trapped
  144. Wormwood
  145. Gauntlet
  146. Run-a-Muck
  147. Cloner's Maze
  148. Neptune
  149. Key Color

Top 10 CCLP2 players[]

  • Melinda's score - At least 6,051,070; +1 is possible on each of Loop, and Teeth, plus an unknown quantity on Keep Trying.
  • Highest known bold score - 6,050,980
  1. David Stolp - 6,050,910
  2. John Lewis - 6,050,700
  3. James Anderson - 6,050,690
  4. Andrew Bennett - 6,050,660
  5. Evan Dummit - 6,049,870
  6. Larry Jackson - 6,049,440
  7. Paul Gilbert - 6,049,220
  8. Warwick Anderson - 6,049,010
  9. Tom Rowe - 6,048,940
  10. Paul Jackson - 6,048,000


  • CCLP2 is the only official level pack that has no untimed levels.

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