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ChipCap is a program by Anders Kaseorg which records an animated video solution (AVI) of a level. These video solutions are commonly used for demonstrating the method to score a particular time to the community, or rarely as proof that a specific score is possible with the correct behavior of random elements. This latter case generally uses a level edited by derandomization such that it can still be done with the same moves and the original level.

In addition, for this purpose, a program called SSViewer, developed by a CC programmer called "shmuel siegel", can generate hypothetical routes through random levels, or automatically perform correct boosting. ChipCap can capture SSViewer routes, although they are noticably slower and rougher than a normal AVI or TWS.

The latter case was used to generate an AVI for 306 on Follow the Glacier Brick Road before anyone had physically scored it, and also is believed to be the source for Evan Dummit's 947 TWS for Blobdance (in the Public TWS), as he specifies that it was computer-generated. Such routes are not accepted as scores, but are shown as proof, as a demonstration of how the level would change if boosting was perfect, or other reasons depending on the level.

SSViewer routes are also available for Icy Moat, although a conventional AVI has replaced it, and for a 757 route through Cloner's Maze. The latter AVI shows the entire grid, but the option for this is not known.

ChipCap may not work on some Windows 7 computers[1].

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