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ChipEnd is a tool for modifying the CHIPS.EXE file to change which levels the "ending sequence" appears on (normally levels 144 and 149) such that the Termination Glitch does not occur.


Mike Lask came up with the idea in 2002, and Brian Raiter made it into a Perl program. However, all that was posted was the code for the program, so those that did not have a Perl compiler could not use it. Later that year, Mike created an executable version of ChipEnd with Visual Basic 6 using information discovered by Brian. ChipEnd has since been merged into Mike's program Chip's Controls when it was released in 2003.

Current status[]

Chip's Controls is also able to do this job now, but until then, the Termination Glitch was an annoying problem; the dummy level was created for this purpose.