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Chipsters (singular Chipster) is a colloquial term used by players of Chip's Challenge to refer to each other or the community as a whole.

In this guide, the term is typically used to indicate famous levels, items, etc., in the CC community ("Most beginning Chipsters will begin to have a little trouble with Nuts and Bolts").

The term was originally used by the original CC community, named the Charter Chipsters. This group is generally inactive and unknown today, although some are still playing the game.

Well-known Charter Chipsters[]

  • Alice Voith (often known as the leader)
  • Christina Carrera
  • Kevin Gordon
  • Ruben Spaans
  • Maybelle Poole
  • Kathy LaPier (official scorekeeper)
  • Barbara L. (full last name Lemmond)
  • Luc Longpré
  • Christian Direnius
  • Peter Andersson

Current famous Chipsters[]

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