Chip's Challenge Wiki

Chipwoodstock (First name Cam), is a member of the community. He creates levelsets, and tries to get bolds or new bolds from time to time. He has not settled on what he'll do mainly, but is sure that levelsets will be one of them.

Levelmaking Style[]

Being a newer chipster, Chipwoodstock tries to make levels easy, but will of course, add in a challenge. As long as he can beat them, he will probably keep them. he tries to even it out, so even a player, new or advanced, will hopefully enjoy his levels.

Hidden Features[]


The easter egg in Chipwoodstock's level "BOZDO", the first possible easter egg

Sometimes, Chipwoodstock will hide little secrets out of the level's view. The first ever example was able to be seen in BOZDO, which was the last level before the dummy in his Demo for one of his levelsets. There, if viewed beyond the fire that the player can see, are the 6 chips, a spy, a few fake exits with the Chip in Exit look, and Toggle Walls that say "HAX!", despite there being no green button to detoggle the wall. The chips are necessary to complete the level once the easter egg's zone is entered in-game, but with normal play, the chips are not necessary.

Time scores[]

His first ever time score he ever got was on Castle Moat. The time was 547, which was 6 seconds off the bold time. Since then, he has promised to keep trying to get some good times, but hasn't followed up on any scores yet.


  • Cam's Level Pack: Level 15 completed. Demo released. Name changed shortly after release of demo.
  • Cam's Challenge: On hold
  • cheese.dat: 2 levels
  • An Untitled Chip's Challenge Level Pack: Level 4 in progress, name subject to change