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The clone block is a special type of block in Chip's Challenge that is used to clone blocks. In real play, it appears as a normal block but functions as a wall, although CCEdit and CCLD show the tile as it is seen in the infobox so it can be read easier.

When a clone machine is placed under a clone block, it will clone a block just like any other clone machine, in a direction specific to the direction of the tile used. A similar device is created by putting a regular block on top of a clone machine, which is activated only by Chip pushing on it, and clones the block opposite from Chip. This is a common type of situation for use of the Mouse Panel Glitch, although this type of clone block is not commonly seen.

A second special case is when a clone block without a clone machine is connected to a red button and that red button is pressed; the clone block will clone once assuming this is legal, and then disappear, revealing the tile underneath it if there is any.


  • In Lynx, a clone block without a clone machine under it functions as a normal block.

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