Deepfreeze is the 56th level in Chip's Challenge 1. Deepfreeze contains examples of symmetrical design, with four pink balls bouncing in four directions between the walls on the grid borders and gravel in the center, with four separate sections of ice.

Start with the chip to the right, then go to the bottom and fit just through this pink ball; wait [1] now, as it is required and trickier after returning to the slot at [17, 27], and then slide to another chip through the teleport. The southwest section was intended to have only two exits in Lynx, only one of which is reachable when the target green button is pressed, but overriding the same force floor used to enter, number 1 on the east side, will allow easy exit.

Walk over the gravel and hide under the southwest chip in the northeast room; Chip will capture this on the way to the exit, but there is [5] to spare which can be spent collecting it among other waits. Enter slot 2 on the south edge of this area to slide towards the toggle wall, take these three chips and then remove chip 8 from its very southeast edge. Follow the pink ball back out and enter slot 2 in the southeast to collect the last chip, then step over the ice that surrounds or surrounded chip 7 and open socket 2 on the right to collect the ice skates. The exit is in the far northeast corner.


Chip's Challenge 1 level 56 solution - 162 seconds
Chip's Challenge 1 level 56 solution - 162 seconds

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