Don't Get Lost is the 88th level in Chip's Challenge Level Pack 2. All that Chip needs to do is to is not get lost, which is harder than it may seem when Eric Schmidt designed it. This level is composed of 10 similar rooms, with pink ball clone machines cloning streams of balls along corridors with different obstacles.

Take the chip above, follow west and >D, then follow the path to another chip and then teleport >U. Move around to collect flippers and a chip. Use the flippers for a shortcut, then teleport >L, zigzag north and south through the water, and then push the block. Wait [2] before teleporting, as this is required before following through the next room and it is difficult to wait a short time period directly after exiting a teleport. Turn underneath the pink balls in this room for one chip before following, then use a shortcut learned from Spy by sliding >RL to the next room. Join this stream to another pair of flippers and use it to collect the chip in the corner. The next four sections are tougher.

Use the path in the center of room 7 to take the chip on the side, then use the path next to that to collect fire boots, allowing Chip to teleport >L instead of dropping >D into the water. Turn back towards the teleport and take that chip, then zigzag past the untakeable chip to reach the next room.

Here, Chip is following the balls around some force floors; therefore, he must either ignore the boosting or wait [1] and then retake it with the boosting. When Chip has the chip, the [1]-boost method tends to work easier on the last force floor before the teleport; it makes picking up the spring slide out of the last teleport easier. Sneak past the last string of balls, take the final two chips and exit above.


CCLP2 level 88 solution - 317 seconds

CCLP2 level 88 solution - 317 seconds

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