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Doublemaze is the 136th level in Chip's Challenge 1. Doublemaze is one of the most notorious levels in the entire set, because it is an ice maze which is already annoying to begin with, and because the thin walls divide Doublemaze into two separate mazes. Fortunately, there's no time limit, though it will probably take a long time anyway. Although this solution can decrease itself all the way to 72 or 73 seconds with perfect boosting, in practice this is all but impossible.

As the full 32x32 map of Doublemaze is a taxing read, the map below this sentence scales the level down to simply walking through a thin wall maze. The ice in the southwest corner is where Chip starts the level, and the square [15, 1] in the far northeast is included in both mazes. The maze to the right holds the exit, so use the maze to the north first.


North maze[]

Begin with 4U 3D 2R DL 2R URDR 2U RD (3R UR 2D 4L) 3U 2R to the base of operations: two major vertical pathways will branch from here.

South: D 4R (D [LD 2R D 2L, 2R 2D]) R (RU) U 2L (2U L) 2L 5U (R 2D 3R [DLD 2R 2U] U [R 2U, LURU 2L]) 2U (UL 2U LDL, 4L 4U).

North: U (3L) U (2U [2U L, 2L 2U L]) 2L (2L ULDLDR [R 2D L, DLDL]) ULUL 2U (4U L) L (2U L, 2D LDL, 3L [2D RU] 2U RURU 2L). Because it is easy to forget and/or miss chips entirely, check the Chips Left counter, which should read 15.

East maze[]

Return to the start and play 2R UR, then take the long trek through maze two: (DRU 4R U 3R D 2R [D 3L ULD 4L] ULU [2R 3D] ULU 2R DR 2U LUR 2U) U 4R 2U RD 2R ULU 2L UR (R 2U 2R DLD 2R 2U RU 3L UL) ULURU (2L 3D [2L UR 2U L, 3D 4L]) UL (2U L) 4L D (2L) 2D 2L 2D L (3D R [DL, 2U 4R U 3L U]).

The final stage of Doublemaze is through the northwest and across to the northeast. Continue 6U across the 9-space straight and RDRUR (U 3L U) 2R ULU 4R 2D 3R (D 3R 3U) 2R U. Now, Chip will pass the only connected floor tiles in the level, to collect two chips and then exit. Finish with (ULU 2R UL 3D L [ULURU 2L, 2L UL 2U L]), 2L (2L U) to the final chip and 2U 8L DLU 3L to finish the level.


  • This AVI solution is a recording of 891; while nothing better is available in this format, anything quicker is the same route with better boosting and is harder to read. For the mother of all boosting displays, see the 926 route at the Public TWS.

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This wiki is no longer maintained.