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Eric Schmidt is one of the most well-known level designers in the history of Chip's Challenge, making a name for himself with technically intensive compositions, often very long solving times, and many monster interactions. The set is also a loose concept set, about the adventures of Chip throughout a variety of areas, trying to escape the teeth Hoola.

Eric does not religiously play CC1 and CCLP2; his scores are 5,962,750 and 5,996,910. He has also joined this wiki as Eric119, contributing some knowledge of specific glitches to it.

Eric is the only designer to have at least one level in all four community level packs (CCLP1-4), and one of just two people (along with Mike Lask) to have a level in each of the first three packs (CCLP1-3).

Tile World 2 is currently maintained by Eric.

Levels in official packs[]






Many levels in EricS1 are rough edits of existing CC1 levels, which either change some tiles or monsters, alter the requirements, add additional sections, or fix previously busted levels. The levels worked over were, in order of appearance in the set:

Twenty-eight of Eric Schmidt's levels were placed into CCLP2, largely stacked in the middling to hard categories. Some of the hardest CCLP2 levels, such as Warehouse II, Exit Chip, Yet Another Puzzle and Cloner's Maze, were created by Eric. Another of his levels, Yet Another Yet Another Puzzle, was placed in CCLP3.


  • The chairman of Google shares the name Eric Schmidt with this Eric Schmidt, though they are not the same person.