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A fake exit is any of three tiles which look slightly like an exit, but are not real exits; instead, all three of them function as walls. One is a Chip character in an exit, similar to that seen when Chip completes Fireflies, Special, Wormwood, or Key Color in their respective sets; the other two are slightly darker shades of blue compared to the real exit, with some black mixed in. One has a light blue outer layer, similar to the real exit, and one has a dark blue outer layer which makes it easier to spot as fake.

Compare the fake tiles:

Chip In Exit Exit2 Exit3

with the real exit:


Fake exit tiles were not used in Chip's Challenge 1, as were Burned Chips, Drowned Chips, Swimming Chips, or not used tiles, as none of those tiles are compatible with the original Lynx. Fake exits are read as real exits in Tile World Lynx, and can be entered like any other exit.

The tile was first seen in Planet of the Teeth from CCLP2, in a special section to the northeast of the real exit, and were also seen in Mads' Rush II and Tricks.

Other Meanings[]

The term fake exit is also used to refer to exits with clone machines under them, such as the ones at the start of Quad-Boot.

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