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Final Destination is the last level of Tom Patten's third custom level set, which is notable for being the most viewed Chip's Challenge video on Youtube.

Final Destination is one of the hardest sane levels known to exist, approaching David Stolp's deviousness. Without a map or a guide this level would almost be impossible, since stepping on an incorrect blue wall usually means the level has been cooked.

There are several situations that Chip will be lucky to survive - not just get through without wasting time - such as two blobs locked inside a 3x3 blue wall room that Chip must walk through, overwhelming use of traps under blue walls, and a trap under the socket that appears to guard the only exit. The only safe exit is merely 2D 2R away from the booby socket, under another blue wall.

The theme of "no mistakes" is spread throughout much of Final Destination: many items are hidden in dangerous locations and monster interactions are in very close quarters. Most tedious of all is a block pushing section through a pool containing a stream of gliders, which requires a minimum of 22 blocks.

So far, Tom is the only person with video recording evidence of finishing the level, although two Chipsters have been recorded to solve it. He admits that the level can be completed faster by moving the blocks on the left side through the bomb room, but this comes at a high risk of messing up the gliders' path, increasing the risk of death.

There was originally fire hidden under one of the blue walls to get rid of these gliders, but this was taken out by Tom because he felt it made the level way too easy.

Version 2 (MS/Lynx)[]

As of 17th March 2012, Final Destination is now MS/Lynx compatible. The second version was created by Tom, and will be included in "TomP2Remix.dat" and CCLP voting. It replaces the blue walls with regular blocks, and there's more puzzles and backtracking needed to be done to complete the level.


Final Destination also has some references to the motion picture movie(s) of the same name, such as having a "cheat death" hint message at the start, and a plane section like the movie. There are also many moments in this level where the player narrowly avoids death too, which is also a reference to the movies.