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The fireball, called a fire box in Chip's Challenge 2, is a propeller-like monster in Chip's Challenge that functions similarly to the glider. It moves in a straight line until it hits any obstacle, and then turns right, left, or backwards, in that order of priority. Should everything be blocked, it will not move until it is released. Fireballs survive fire, but die in water and are subject to bombs.

In CC2, fire boxes avoid turtles and survive active flame jets.

The following diagram illustrates these properties:

Fireball demo

The thin wall is to the west, which blocks the block from reaching the bomb. From where it is, the fireball is trapped until Chip releases the green button, at which point it will do one of three things, depending on the state of the water space: It will drown if the water is untouched, turn east to [2, 2] if it is dirt and thus drown in the water at the start, or continue to move 4D 3U repeatedly if the water and dirt are removed.

During this time, if Chip removes a dirt space, the fireball can move in that direction, or if Chip hits the green button a second time, the fireball can be trapped at the start if it is located at [1, 1] or [1, 2] moving north, or it can move east onto [2, 3] and drown again. The way to complete this level is to sneak behind the fireball as it comes out, then remove the dirt on the left and reveal the hidden force floor. To avoid the fireball, move 3D R, then wait for the fireball to direct itself into the bomb.


  • The fireball was first seen in Lesson 5, where it was cloned by a pink ball to securely guard the red key until Chip released the ball.
  • Although the fireball in the MS Chip's Challenge, seen in the infobox, gives no indication of its direction in actual play, the adaptation of the fireball into Tile World allowed the directions to be deduced.

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