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Green Button

The green button, informally known as a toggle button, is a tile in Chip's Challenge that causes all toggle walls contained in a level to switch state. If a green button is touched by any moving object, the walls switch, but two separate presses of different buttons on the same turn will cancel each other out. Therefore, if an odd number of presses occur on the same turn, the wall will switch; if it is an even number, nothing at all happens (the latter case is one of the only two possible ways to solve Perfect Match in CC1, the other being the Concussion Rule).

In Chip's Challenge 2, green buttons cause green chips and green bombs to switch state in addition to toggle walls.

Green buttons do not switch toggle walls on clone machines or toggle walls that began the level on the lower layer under anything other than a monster, although they will switch toggle walls that become displaced to the lower layer.

Toggle walls are not fatal to Chip or monsters if they turn closed when Chip or monster is on them, but they will protect Chip from monster impacts and sliding blocks, and the wall rather than the monster will take effect if Chip tries to step onto the closed toggle/monster tile.


  • In the MS ruleset, the green button is the only one of the four buttons which does not make a "popping" noise when it is touched; it is instead silent. In Lynx, it makes the same sound as the other buttons.

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