Lesson 8 is the eighth level in Chip's Challenge 1. It is also the last lesson level. This lesson level teaches Chip about teeth, gravel and how it is different from dirt, and the combination of the three.

Because it contains only one teeth and is easy to use, Lesson 8 is an ideal level for beginners to practice monster dodging and odd and even step counting.

To complete Lesson 8 in the absolute fastest way (worth 96.8), start in odd step, then move 4R U or 4R D and run east to the chip and the exit. In even step, wait [1] at the start.

While 96 is the physical maximum time, a score of 97 has been reported; this is only possible from the Long First Second Glitch, as the Time Dilation Glitch would have no effect here.


  • According to the most recent version of Jimmy Vermeer's scoreboard, Lesson 8 has had 68 reports of 96, which is the most-confirmed CC1 bold of all time.


Chip's Challenge 1 level 8 solution - 96 seconds

Chip's Challenge 1 level 8 solution - 96 seconds

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