The Melinda time is a term used to refer a time higher than the current bold time that theoretically could be obtained, but would require extreme luck and/or skill - often both - to obtain. They are almost always caused by the use of random elements.

CC1 Melinda times

# Name Bold Melinda time Reason
23 Blobnet 436 444 Requires no interference from the blobs.


Skelzie is one special case: its bold route is 454.2, and with Chip's (2U) move to a green button possibly being covered by a blob, 455 may be possible. Whether the pink balls remaining in the telenet that makes up the nine main rooms of the level will delay Chip longer than they do in the 454 route, and whether the Teleport Skip Glitch can even be used effectively with the different ball locations, are unknown because applying and executing the glitch is difficult - and limited to only MS play.

CC1 Melinda times, originally untimed

# Name Bold Melinda time Reason
133 Blobdance 949 951 Requires zero interference from the blobs.
136 Doublemaze 926 927 The rare exception to the random element rule of Melinda times, Doublemaze requires perfect boosting for the entire level.

CCLP2 Melinda times

# Name Bold Melinda time Reason
119 Teeth 280 281 Requires perfect luck to within [2] on the random force floors.
140 Keep Trying 481 Unknown The Melinda time is difficult to calculate because of the large amount of random force floors and the erratic pattern of the toggle walls. When the bold was 476, the time was calculated as 488, but improvements in the non-random area of the level have left this total indefinite.
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