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A pink ball, called a purple ball in Chip's Challenge 2, usually abbreviated to ball, is a monster in Chip's Challenge which moves in a straight line. When any obstacle blocks it from continuing on this path, the ball immediately bounces backwards and continues to move in that direction. If both directions are blocked, the ball will stop moving until something is opened.

It will die if it hits a destructive obstacle (water, fire, or a bomb), and ice and force floors will send the ball in their direction. Note that ice and force floors are the only way that balls can change polarity.

The following diagram illustrates these properties:

Pink ball demo

In the current position, the ball will play D and U until one of the dirt spaces is opened by Chip, at which point it will either play 3D and die on that bomb, or play 2U onto the ice space, which will redirect it east onto another bomb, depending on which space was removed. In actual play, the top bomb would be removed, as the exit is underneath it.


See also[]

  • Tank, another monster which works similarly but does not bounce, and also delays reversing by [1] in specific circumstances.