Playhouse is the 90th level in Chip's Challenge 1.

Use blocks 3 and 1 (not hot block 2.) to bridge the water, then go to the six-block wedge above you. To reach the recessed walls above with goodies in them, move block 4 U and hit the dirt, block 6 U, block 5 L 2U, block 3 U and hit the dirt, and then divert to the left side, which contains a yellow key Chip needs beyond the bridge. Now, finish the wedge with block 2, clean out the items and break through the blue wall a row east from block 12 to reach some bouncing pink balls. Take the chips on the right, open the blue lock to reach a secret room, and take only the nine chips and green key.

Backtrack out past the wedges, use the green key to open the green lock on the left side of the exit, and line up the two blocks to get over the water and reach the "GOOD JOB" spelled out in chips. Pick up all the chips except for a few that Chip can collect on the way back, then walk the fire and then take the rest of the GOOD JOB on the way into the exit. Turn left and then right, and then jump down to exit.

The completion of the level triggers another new Decade Message: "I can do it! I know I can!" Chip thinks as the going gets tougher. Besides, Melinda the Mental Marvel waits at the end!


Chip's Challenge 1 level 90 solution - 318 seconds

Chip's Challenge 1 level 90 solution - 318 seconds

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