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Playtesting is a term referring to the testing of a level to see if it is solvable.

In Lynx[]

In the original Lynx version of the game, playtesting was done by a team of ten playtesters. Chuck Sommerville's wife at the time, Cynthia Sommerville, was one of those playtesters.

In MS[]

In the MS version of the game, it appears that little to no playtesting was done, as there are numerous glitches and some changes had to be made to the levels to accommodate the differences, such as the case of Spirals corruption.

In Later Official Level Packs[]

In Chip's Challenge Level Pack 1, Chip's Challenge Level Pack 2, Chip's Challenge Level Pack 3, and Chip's Challenge Level Pack 4 playtesting was done by a specific group of Chipsters.

In Custom Level Sets[]

In custom level sets, playtesting is usually done by the creator of the levelset, although it can be done by friends or family members of the creator, or other chipsters.