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Puzzle Studio is a game Chuck Sommerville was developing due to legal difficulties in releasing Chip's Challenge 2. Epyx Inc., the original publisher of Chip's Challenge, sold the rights to CC2 to Bridgestone Media after they declared bankruptcy. Bridgestone Media refused to release the game unless a large unspecified sum of money is paid. However, CC2 is planned to be released on May 28, 2015. Similar to the emulation of Tile World compared to the MS game, Puzzle Studio is meant to be a legal version of CC2, with different graphics, sounds and source code. A Puzzle Studio level in an incomplete game stage can be watched at the bottom of the page.


Puzzle Studio will operate in the general rules of Tile World Lynx mode, "but with tons of new tiles and special tricks." Chuck details some of the coding being used, as well as the current design of the basic mechanics of each group of tiles, color-coded into ten separate colors. The key and lock code is currently proposed as follows:

White: a master key, opening one of any lock including the grey.

Grey: Chip needs two grey keys per grey lock.

Red: red key; monsters can cross it.

Orange: Chip has to push the key as he would a block to use it on the orange lock . (Coding currently unfinished.)

Yellow: yellow key.

Green: green key.

Blue: blue key as in Tile World Lynx: monsters can erase them by running over them.

Violet: takable and usable by both monsters and players.

Brown: orange key, but monsters can also push it. (Coding currently unfinished.)

Black: only monsters can pick up and use.

There are also all ten colors of teleports, toggle walls, buttons, blocks, robots (related to monsters, or perhaps the monsters in this game), force floors and even Chip.

Current status[]

Puzzle Studio is no longer being developed, and the original Yahoo Group has been deleted. You can find an archive of the last version of Puzzle Studio developed by Julian Uy, and an archive of the Yahoo Group messages and downloads here:

A video of a Puzzle Studio level[]


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