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The red button, sometimes called a clone button, is a tile in Chip's Challenge that activates a corresponding clone machine specified by the designer. While more than one red button may activate the same clone machine, a single red button cannot activate more than one clone machine. If the designer connects it to more than one clone machine, only the first connection is valid. To change the connection to a different clone machine in a level editor, either erase the clone machine and red button and reconnect them (in ChipEdit), or go to the "Clone Connections" menu and disconnect the tiles (in CCEdit or CCLD). In addition, ChipEdit will automatically connect a clone button to a clone machine if one is created directly after the other.

Under the pedantic Lynx ruleset and in Chip's Challenge 2, red buttons are automatically connected to the next clone machine in reading order. In Chip's Challenge 2, red buttons cannot be wired to clone machines, but pink buttons can.

Various things happen when a red button is connected to a tile that is not on top of a clone machine. To clone, the tile must be a monster or clone block, and the direction it is cloning has to be clear, or the clone will have no effect and the button must be pressed again.

If the red button is connected to a monster that is not in the monster list, the red button will add that monster to the monster list and also cause it to start moving in the specified direction, assuming that move is legal. If the move is illegal, or if the monster is already in the monster list, the red button will have no effect.

If it is connected to a clone block without a clone machine under it, it will clone only one copy of the block before the original clone block disappears and reveals anything that may be underneath the clone block, assuming once again that the direction of the clone block is legal. If it is illegal, nothing happens.

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