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A secret level is any level beyond the "fake" last level, usually levels 145-149 in a set with 149 levels (including official sets). Fake and real last levels can be changed using ChipEnd, though.

Ignore Passwords rules[]

The game supposedly ends after the 144th level, but Ignore Passwords can work up to level 145. The only way to reach Cake Walk is to use its password from Cypher. When level 146 or any secret level is opened, Ignore Passwords will unlock all five secret levels.

CC1 secret levels[]

Thanks to... was added to the 145th slot in the MS version as a credits level, thanking the MS game designers for their work. In Lynx, Cake Walk is still level 146; level 145 does not exist at all.

CCLP2 secret levels[]

Because the MS game engine considers all levels above 144 to be "secret" regardless of levelset, CCLP2 also has 5 "secret" levels that work the same way as those in CC1. Cypher II was made for CCLP2 to account for this, which gives the password to the first secret level, Gauntlet.

CCLP3 secret levels[]

CCLP1 secret levels[]

CCLP4 secret levels[]

In Custom Levelsets[]

In any custom level set with 149 or more levels, there are secret levels.


  • The Lynx version of the game contained a Mandlebrot fractal generator. It can be considered a "secret level" of sorts, as it can only be accessed via a password (MAND).

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