Slightly Mad is the 7th level in Chip's Challenge Level Pack 2. While not difficult in Tyrethali Ansrath fashion, Slightly Mad's boosting could make a player slightly mad. The 15 islands are numbered in order of their appearance.

Follow the ice paths to the first five 4-chip islands, play ULU across island 6 to reach island 7, and then retreat, take the fourth chip on island 6, and turn left. Step D 2L to island 8, URU to 9 and 10, and then turn right and hold right to pass island 11 and collect islands 12 and 13. Now, return to island 11 and collect islands 14 and 15 beyond that, collect the four chips left behind on islands 14, 11, 8, and 7, and then play U to reach the socket and flippers. Slide backwards to island 4, and with a path now open, swim to the exit.


During this boosting frenzy, up to [3] can be spared for the bold time. The key to reaching high scores on Slightly Mad is to understand when spring slides can be used, and to maximize their effectiveness. The ULU move on island 6 is a key timesaver: if all four chips are collected immediately, there is no chance for a spring slide coming back from island 7 although it is legal.

Even in other situations in or out of Slightly Mad, where it is uncertain if a spring slide is possible, as long as Chip will be returning to the same location, leave the chip behind if it does not increase the time it requires to collect it.


CCLP2 level 7 solution - 254 seconds

CCLP2 level 7 solution - 254 seconds

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