Southpole is the 13th level in Chip's Challenge 1. It was designed by Scott Nelson. One of the easiest levels in the set, Southpole's hint suggests that the player exit with 6D. This works, and scores the 982 bold, but the absolute quickest path is RDL 2U 3D, as shown in the AVI walkthrough.


  • Southpole, along with Rink, Now You See It, Doublemaze, Stripes? and Force Field, is one of the six CC1 levels where Chip can never be killed; there is no time limit, monsters, fire, water, bombs, or any blocks which have a possibility of crushing Chip. Cellblocked and Pentagram, while there are none of these, have recessed walls which may force Chip to restart the level, although he cannot actually be killed. The only way to force a lower level score is to use the restart command. Because all CCLP2 levels are timed, there are no such levels in that set.
  • Chuck Sommerville has said in an interview that Southpole is his favorite level in CC1.


Chip's Challenge 1 level 13 solution - 982 seconds
Chip's Challenge 1 level 13 solution - 982 seconds

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