Spumoni is the 132nd level in Chip's Challenge Level Pack 1. It was created by Henry Potts.

446 route: Grab the flippers and then slide >3U LUL 3D LUL and collect the chips below the thief. Collect the boots and then slide >U 5R DR and repeat the process. Walk down to the 4 chips guarded by fire and force floors in the starting area and then up to the top left room. Collect the chips behind the thief again before sliding >2U 2R DR 2U R. Walk to the top left room with both boots and after collecting its chips, slide >2D 4R. The rest of the level is just collecting the chips and walking to the exit, this route is a .6.


CCLP1 Level 132

CCLP1 Level 132

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