277 Mouse Panel Glitch?

While annotating Madness II for ChipWiki, I couldn't find a way to discredit the Mouse Panel Glitch's use on the two rams. It actually worked on the first and things were mostly the same; I'll have to continue to check, however. If it works like normal, losing no further moves on the force floor train and on the pink ball section, Chip will have saved two moves from his initial route and can beat the balls to the suction boots. This saves [2] more there, then an additional [1] in the fireball room ([2] reduces to [1]), for a total of [5]. [1] is paid back in the toggle wall area and [2] by the last two chips, leaving [2] for use on the way to the exit. If I'm correct, Chip could use these to move the block D, which would make the ball touch the brown button on the same turn Chip steps into the trap. This would score a 277.

Any confirmations? Octavarium64 22:30, January 11, 2010 (UTC)

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