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The teleport, called a blue teleport in Chip's Challenge 2 to distinguish from other types of teleports, is a tile in Chip's Challenge that sends movable objects to another part of the level. When an object enters a teleport, it will exit out the next teleport in reverse wrappable reading order - right to left within any row, then moving on to the right of the next row to the north, and so on - in the opposite direction, assuming this is a legal move and the Teleport Skip Glitch has not been activated. In one of these cases, the game will continue to search for the next teleport which allows this move. Should the search reach the northwest corner, it will start over from the southeast corner.

In MSCC, if operating in B&W mode, the teleport appears as a white circle with a cross shaped arrow to let the player know they can enter the teleport in any direction.

Should the search reach the original teleport, it will act as a non-directional ice tile - the object will slide across it if that move is legal, or bounce back if it is not. However, a monster in the latter case will stick on the teleport and the teleport will cease to function. For a demonstration of this, go to Drawn and Quartered, teleport directly up to the north-east room from the start, and release the fireballs into the teleport.

As a teleport slide is involuntary, Chip can boost on his very next move.

Teleports beginning on the lower layer of the grid will refuse to function, and work as ice tiles just as if it redirected to itself.

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