The Parallel Port is the 14th level in Chip's Challenge Level Pack 2. Its apparent kinship to the previous is the truth: both levels were made by Drake Wilson. This is the first time invalid tile combinations are featured in an official level.

In the case of The Parallel Port, boots, keys, and the single computer chip are hidden under blue walls, generally in a 60-degree south-southeast formation, which is hinted at by the level name.


Play 3:[R 2D], collecting only the ice skates, then off this space DR 4D UD to collect the chip. Continue D 2R and head upwards in an identical fashion - 4U R 2:[2U R] - collecting a blue key on the way, and then R and all the way down: 8:[2D R]. At this point, Chip must wait for a tank; continue [4] RUD to reveal a pair of flippers. Keep moving 2U R, in accordance with the tanks, to collect fire boots as well, and pass the recessed wall, then reverse to 2D R to burst through the socket and follow to the exit.

Notice that the suction boots are not required in MS because the force floor is against the ice corner, so Chip can simply step off the force floor after skating over the ice corner. This will save [1] over collecting them, allowing Chip to make one mistake.


CCLP2 level 14 solution - 258 seconds

CCLP2 level 14 solution - 258 seconds

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