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A thin wall, also known as a panel or partial wall, is a type of wall that blocks Chip or any other moving object from one side, or two in the case of the southeast. The difference between a thin wall and a regular wall is that objects can enter it from any non-blocked direction.

The thin wall is one of only three tiles to have five different variations (the other two being force floor and ice). In the Lynx version, only the south, east, and southeast thin wall tiles were used. The west and north tiles did not exist, but Microsoft coded them into their version anyway (despite never using them). In Chip's Challenge 2, multiple thin walls can be placed on one tile.

In the MS ruleset, if there is a thin wall directly between two squares containing a block and Chip (that is, the thin wall is under the block), Chip can push on the block in the direction the thin wall is blocking. This movement, applicable to any wall tile underneath a block, is known as a flick, and is not possible in Lynx.

In addition, the Mouse Panel Glitch allows Chip to accomplish both the flick and his own move in only one turn.