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A tile is a generic square with which Chip, monsters and blocks can interact in Chip's Challenge. Tiles have varying functions. The most basic tile is the floor, which any moving object can pass through. Chip himself is a tile that can be controlled by the user, blocks can be moved by Chip to accomplish specific objectives, and monsters are tiles that move and behave differently according to their type.

Each tile has a number assigned to it, indicating its index in a tile set. For example, the tile Floor has index 0, Wall has index 1, and the Hint has index 47.

There are four unused tiles, which have indices 32 (above the thief in the tile set), 54, 55, and 56 (all adjacent, after the Burned Chip). Of these, tile 32 (commonly called Combination tile) is used internally by Chip's Challenge as an overlay buffer, which is drawn when a transparent tile is above another tile.

The CC tile set[]

Color Tileset