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Tile World Gold is a Microsoft Windows bundle that includes Tile World, CCEdit, and all three Chip's Challenge Level Packs.


Tile World Gold contains the following:

  • Tile World by Brian Raiter - an emulator of the MS and Lynx versions of Chip's Challenge. Includes the "intro" levelset.
  • CCEdit by Michael Hansen - an editor for making custom Tile World levels.


This package can be downloaded at  . Click on tworldgold.exe to begin the installation process. A shortcut to Tile World Gold will be created on the desktop. CCEdit can also be located in the Start menu.

Level Sets[]

Tile World Gold comes packed with at least 450 levels, each of which can be played using either the MS or Lynx rulesets. There are also thousands of other custom levels online, and CCEdit can be used for creating levels.

The 456 levels in this package are contained within the following level sets:

  • CCLP1 (149 levels) - Chip's Challenge Level Pack 1, a legal alternative for the original Chip's Challenge levelset.
  • CCLP2 (149 levels) - Chip's Challenge Level Pack 2, a set of fun levels created by many players, as an expansion.
  • CCLP3 (149 levels) - Chip's Challenge Level Pack 3, a continuation in the series, with superb quality levels.
  • Tile World Intro Pack (9 levels) - A level set serving to introduce gameplay elements, bundled with Tile World.