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The toggle wall, officially termed a wall although referred to as a toggle door on occasion, is a tile in Chip's Challenge whose function alternates between wall and floor. They switch every time a green button is pressed, but they always retain a green border to distinguish them from normal walls and floor, which otherwise appear identical. Moving objects on top of toggle walls will not affect, or be affected by, a switch of toggle walls.

If a block is on top of a closed toggle wall, Chip can push the block off the wall and the Mouse Panel Glitch can be used, although he cannot pass through it himself. If the block is on an open toggle wall, Chip will simply push the block as normal.

Every green button in the level will switch all toggle walls, but if more than one green button is pressed in the same 1/5 second turn, the walls will only switch if there are an odd number of presses; if there are an even number, they cancel out and do nothing. (For example, see Perfect Match.)

Toggle walls on top of clone machines or beginning the level under anything other than a monster will never switch, although all toggle walls dropped to the lower layer thereafter will switch. Also, see the Button Smash Glitch for another cause of a toggle wall not changing.

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